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Cosmetic Dentistry

Get the Smile You Want Comfortably and Quickly with Advanced Dental Technology for Cosmetic Dentistry in Bakersfield

The real truth in our society that almost no one will tell you is that how you look does make a difference in how you are treated.

It may not be fair, but it’s true.

So you can get dressed up, spend a lot on your clothes and how your hair and face look, but the first thing people will notice - the one thing that makes a lasting impression - is Your Smile.

New advances in Cosmetic Dentistry let anyone, male or female, young or mature, have the smile of their dreams!  Highly esthetic Cosmetic Porcelain Veneers, including  DaVinci Veneers and no-prep Lumineers, Smile Design Imaging, 6-Month Smiles for adults, and Smile Previews are just a few of the ways that patients in Bakersfield can now have a smile that will change their life!

Research has clearly shown that people who look nicer:
  • Get better seats in restaurants.
  • Are paid more at work and get promoted faster.
  • Have better relationships with their spouses or significant others.
  • Get better deals when shopping.
  • And many more advantages in life.

Many people are embarrassed to smile, or hide their teeth when they talk, and go through life lacking the self-confidence they need all because of how their smile looks.  They may be the one always taking the family photos, but never being in the picture with everyone!

Or, some people may already have a nice smile, but want to make it even better.

Maybe you are experiencing some or all of these problems or situations with your smile - stained or discoloration in your smile, chipped or missing teeth, crooked teeth or smile, worn-out dark fillings, old crown or "caps" that don’t look very good anymore, or any other condition that is affecting how your smile looks.

The good news is that with modern techniques developed by dental researchers, it’s never been faster, easier, and more comfortable to get a more attractive smile.

So, take a close look at your smile in the mirror today. If you are unhappy with what you see, then take the first step to improve your image and life with a great new smile!

You'll be feeling the same way our Bakersfield dental patient, Millie, does about her dental care and new smile:

Dear Dr. Armstrong and Staff,

I wanted to write to you and thank everyone for making my dental experience in your office so special.  I have been going to the dentist for many years and no one ever took the time to tell me I could have a beautiful smile.  I remember thinking how wonderful it was to have someone care enough to tell me I had the right to have the smile of my dreams.

I am proud to tell my family and friends that Dr. Armstrong has been helping people with their "smile-makeover" long before the new television show.  After visiting your office I can clearly see you are always going to be ahead of the other dentists in town.

Thank you again Dr. Armstrong for the wonderful porcelain veneers that transformed this ugly duckling into a beautiful swan.


Millie J.


To help people in the Bakersfield and Kern County area get the latest information about Cosmetic Dentistry, ask us about a new Special Report that's available:

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We have created this report to educate people, like yourself, who:

  1. Want to improve their smile and don’t know what questions to ask.
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  3. Who don’t know that with the advancements in technology, you can now turn any smile into a 5-Star Smile in just a few short visits.

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"I Want a Great Smile" Consultation

For those who are ready to move forward with their new smile treatment, we offer a no-obligation "Fix My Smile Now" consultation. Call our office at (661) 631-5580 to schedule this visit for you or a family member. Find out how you can have a great new smile faster and easier than you ever thought possible.